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Product Features:

  • Connect able to the network cameras and network dome s (this feature is supported by HDVR series).
  • Connectable to the Coaxitron camera/dome for D S - 7200HWI - E 1(2) /C series .
  • PAL/NTSC adaptive video inputs.
  • H.264 video compression with high reliability and superior definition.
  • Each channel supports dual - stream.
  • Independent configuration for each channel, including resolution, fr ame rate, bit rate, image quality, etc.
  • I nput and output video quality is configurable.
  • Normal and event record ing parameters configurable per individual camera.
  • Encoding for audio/video composite stream or video stream; audio and video synchroniz ation during composite stream encoding.
  • Watermark technology.
  • Video quality diagnostics. Local Monitoring
  • Simultaneous HDMI / VGA and CVBS outputs.
  • HDMI /VGA output at up to 1920×1080P resolution.
  • 1/4/ 6/8/ 9 /16 /25/36 - division live vie w is supported, a nd the display sequence of screens is adjustable.
  • Manual or auto switch of cameras in l ive view , with the dwell time is configurable.
  • Quick setting menu is provided for live view.
  • The selected live view channel can be shielded.
  • Motion detection, tamper - proof, video exception , video loss and VCA alarm functions. T he VCA recording type is supported by the Smart DVR/HDVR models only.
  • Privacy mask.
  • Multiple PTZ protocols supported; setting and calling of PTZ preset, patrol and pattern.
  • Zooming in by clicking the mouse and PTZ tracing by dragging mouse. HDD Management
  • 1 SATA hard disk can be connected
  • storage ca pacity for each disk.
  • 8 network disks (8 NAS disks, or 7 NAS disks+ 1 IP SAN disk) can be connected.
  • HDD group management.
  • Support HDD standby function.
  • HDD property: redundancy, read - only, read/write (R/W) .
  • HDD quota management; different capacity can b e assigned to different channel.